Enterprise-C Studio Miniature

The first real blog post I would like to share with everyone is about the studio scale Enterprise-C that is going up for auction later this year via The Propstore of London. As a collector, and auctioneer of Star Trek pieces I have to say that I am very excited to see this piece hit the auction block once again, it was first auctioned off in the Christies Star Trek auction in 2006 and went to avid collector Adrian Hancock, who unfortunately for the prop community passed away last year. At the time, this piece fetched an impressive $48,000, with a projected estimate of $8-12,000.


Concept artwork by Andrew Probert

Nowadays an estimate of 12k for an item like this seems kind of crazy, we all knew that the models from Star Trek would sell for more during the auctions, but we did not know how much more. Compared to the Enteprise-A studio model that sold for $240,000, or the Enterprise-D which sold for an impressive $550,000, 48k is nothing! But for a smaller ship like this measuring in at only 41″ long, and one seen in only a handful of episodes, one of which it was the main focus, 48k seems pretty fair. I can only speculate as to what it will sell for later this year, my guess is somewhere around the 40-55k mark.


TNG: Yesterday’s Enterprise

This beautiful model, with the hull registration of the USS Yamaguchi, as it was last seen fighting the Borg at the battle of Wolf359 remains in excellent condition. The studio model was designed by Rick Sternbach from sketches done previously by illustrator Andrew Probert, and was made by award winning model maker Greg Jien. Even after all these years this piece is still in great shape, the paint has been preserved very well, with what seems to be minor wear. The applied graphics, decals and pin striping looks to be pretty well intact too, with slight lifting on some of the details on the saucer section, but that is to be expected since this piece was built over 25 years ago!

11221818_919115618135289_7447664813543523743_n 11693838_919115634801954_5136752849195920718_n

11214342_919115648135286_9058900369641596038_n 1422603_919115658135285_5677096850166394827_n

The main purpose of this blog post is to showcase the pictures of the “C” when it was displayed at the Propstore booth this past SDCC and to raise awareness that it going back to auction for one lucky collector to win. As you can see this piece is truly a work of art, from a lost era of filming miniatures and models. Be sure to check out the Propstore auction which is taking place around October of 2015, I will be keeping an eye out to see what this piece sell for!


The “C” on display during the Christies Auctions.


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