Conceptual Character Design: Carol Marcus

A beautiful piece of concept art has come up for sale recently and I wanted to showcase it as concept art & early character design fascinates me, they show the early stages and development of the characters we love and see on screen. This original sketch of Carol Marcus, actress Bibi Besch was done by Robert Fletcher for Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in 1982. The costume design sketch features the actress in her “Regula 1” attire, and right off the bat you can see that the original design features a pink color scheme, where it was replaced on screen with orange, featuring metallic undertones.


Full sheet with added fabric swatches

The back of the artwork features early preliminary sketches of an unknown costume, it could have been for Carol Marcus, but I think it was most likely for another costume completely, if you look closely you can almost make out the design of a wedding gown, most likely a re-used piece of artist paper.


And finally a note by the artist on the lower right hand section with the words “Carol Marcus Add Sweater Over Shoulder For Escape”.


Overall a beautiful piece from a beloved character, and Kirk’s baby momma’ nonetheless! Later this month I will be doing a costume study on the actually wardrobe worn on screen by Carol Marcus, I think it will be very intriguing to compare the concept to the final design.

-Jarrod Hunt


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