Prop Study: Klingon Assassin Rifle From STVI

This post will feature the Klingon Assassin Rifle prop as seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Being able to handle this piece was pure fun, not only is it an incredibly large rifle, but it breaks down into six individual pieces! let’s get right into it, the rifle consists of:

         -Main body section                        -Scope Attachment                       -Handle with Trigger

         -Enlarged Barrel                                        -Stock                                    -Stock “Arm Rest”


Early Concept Design “Art of Star Trek”

The rifle is made primarily from fiberglass and re-enforced resin, and features details from a military M4 rifle, and selected details of the Klingon Phaser Rifle, such as the square buttons and round dome’s on the stock. The piece was designed by the prop master to be broken down and fit inside a handheld briefcase, and they did this Beautifully!

Untitled-2                 Untitled-1

The rifle’s individual pieces attach via hand-made metal latches, which means that the builder hand fit each piece, each latch, and each slide attachment when building it….craftsmanship at it’s finest! It’s hard to describe how the pieces fit together, but the handle piece slides into the stock, which then attaches via a tube into the main body. The “but” attaches via a small metal cylinder and the scope slides into place and is secured with a small metal latch. Then the long extended barrel is inserted into the main body and is secured with a small metal latch. Sounds pretty standard, but after assembling it, it really feels like you just built a real weapon!


Assassin Assembling the Rifle

Breakdown of the Assassin rifle’s various components:

14                 12

                          Main Body                                                          Handle Attached to Stock

gg                 Untitled-4

            Handle Section with Trigger                                                    End Stock “Butt”

Untitled-6                 Untitled-5

             Scope Attachment “Angle”                                       Scope Attachment “Side View”

Overall a beautifully designed and created prop, one that has only seen a minute of screen time, but could easily hold up on screen 30 years later. This piece was originally sold in the Christies auctions, and later re-sold by Profiles In History. It was accompanied by its Klingon case, which was also custom made of fiberglass. Im very happy to be able to show the details of this truly original piece, which has not been studied for the public before.

-Jarrod Hunt


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